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Rising abruptly above the basin is the precipitous two-hundred-mile escarpment named the Mogollon Rim. A variety of vegetation often intermingles: the Ponderosa Pine Forest, with the Interior Chaparral and the Great Basin Montane Scrubland.


The area begins at an elevation of 5,000 ft. and goes up to 8,000 ft. It is very pleasant in the spring and the fall, but visits can be uncomfortable during the winter and the summer.

During the "monsoon season" in July and August, severe thunderstorms occur, sometimes causing potentially dangerous flash-flooding.


Name and Number Length Difficulty
Abert (Interpretive) #5 1.0 Easiest
Oak #16 3.2 More Difficult
Pine Canyon #26 7.9 More Difficult
Myrtle #30 0.5 MOST Difficult
Highline #31 50.2 More Difficult
Derrick Spur #32 0.9 Easiest
Derrick #33 2.2 More Difficult
Babe Haught #143 2.6 MOST Difficult
Sinkhole #179 2.3 More Difficult
See Canyon #184 2.4 MOST Difficult
See Spring #185 0.6 MOST Difficult
Turkey #217 2.5 MOST Difficult
West Webber #228 2.1 More Difficult
Horton Creek #285 3.8 Easiest
East Webber #289 3.1 More Difficult
Colonel Devin #290 2.0 MOST Difficult
Drew #291 1.0 MOST Difficult
Horton Spring #292 1.2 MOST Difficult
Redrock #294 1.0 More Difficult
Pump Station #296 1.0 Easiest
R.R. Tunnel #390 0.3 More Difficult
Dans #550 4.8 MOST Difficult
Valentine #551 0.7 More Difficult
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**Map and Information supplied by the Tonto National Forest Service.