The trail conditions in the Rim Country can range from easy to very difficult.  A trailing experience can include anything from the fulfilling opposition of steep grades and heavy brush, to the exciting discovery of spectacular scenic views and peaceful seclusion from the pressures and congestion of society.

Exploring a trail in the forest can be both relaxing and exhilarating, and sometimes even dangerous. With summer temperatures averaging in the mid 90s throughout most of the forest, no trail adventures should be made without the appropriate precautionary measures. Make sure that you have an adequate supply of drinking water, as well as a general idea of the time needed to complete the trip. It’s also a good idea to take someone with you. You can run into trouble on any adventure and sometimes the best defense is a partner or group. Remember to be safe when trailing and avoid unnecessary danger in all forms.

Before you plan your trip,

be sure to check for forest closures and restrictions from the Tonto National Forest Service.

Payson Area Trails System

The Payson Area Trails System (PATS) is an in-progress, interconnecting trail system utilizing detached pathways, existing sidewalks, and bike lanes in Payson to form an interior trail network.  These interior trails will connect to specific Forest Service roads and trails on Payson’s periphery providing a more rustic trail-user experience.

American Gulch Trail

American Gulch Trail North Distance – 0.6 mi. Access – Graff Trailhead at West end of Graff Rd. American Gulch Trail South Distance – 1 mi. Access – North of Doll Baby Ranch Rd, West of Sewer Plant

Boulders Loop Trail & Cypress Trail

Boulders Loop Trail             
2.4 miles around entire Loop             
Level of Difficulty – Moderate

 Cypress Trail                     
2 miles from trail access off of Granite Dells Road to Boulders Loop
Level of Difficulty – Moderate 

Event Center Trail

Event Center / Gila County Trail Distance – 3.7 mi. to Peach Orchard Trailhead Access – Southwest corner of Event Center at end of Green Valley Parkway.

Goat Camp Trail

Goat Camp Trail Access Distance – 0.2 mi. Access : North of Tyler Parkway Area of Interest Future archaeological interpretive park. Connects to Houston Trail.

Houston Trail and Houston Loop

Houston Trail Distance – 4.2 mi. from Horse Camp to Houston Loop Access : Horse Camp (Campers Only) Houston Mesa Trailhead

Houston Loop Trail Entire Loop – 3.6 mi. Houston Mesa Trailhead to Houston Loop – 3 mi. Mayfied Canyon Rd. to Houston Loop – 0.3 mi. FR 433 to Houston Loop – 0.9 mi.

Monument Peak Loop Trail

Monument Peak Loop Trail Distance – 3 mi. Trailhead 3.3 mi. east on Granite Dells Rd.

Round Valley Trail

Round Valley Trail Phoenix St. to Sonic Distance – 4.4 mi. Access – 1100 block of E. Phoneix St.

Download the PATS Map

Click here to download the Payson Area Trails System map. 

Payson Area Road Cycling System (PARCS)

Interested in cycling in town on our street system? Payson boasts a wonderful road cycling system that is easy to use an navigate, and offers breathtaking views, even in town! Click the button below to access the PARCS map, or visit the Parks, Recreation & Tourism Office at the address on the bottom of this page to pick up a pocket-sized foldable copy free of charge!



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Phone | (928) 472-5110
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Payson, AZ 85541

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